Interviewing Moormans Dad

Well Stars gifted my return to their tables and paying off the chargeback with a nice little downswing yesterday, ran like shit, I thought you were supposed to win on Pokerstars when you first deposit? Based on my volume I should be SuperNova within three months, which is better than standard rakeback, and I am trying to achieve at least Silverstar in two days before the month ends. Even though I have ran like crap on day one, it feels really good to be back playing at Pokerstars, although I still concur that the chargeback incident was not my fault and they were in a better position to prevent it than I was.

I made a little gag on the Blondeforum which got a mention on Monday nights poker show, thanks to Nick Wright for making sure the world knew it was me, it went something like this:

So what exactly do the BlackBelt Poker Graders have to do?

Paint Neil Channings fence and clean his cars until they get in a fight with the guys from Cobra Kai.


I have interviewed loads of famous players: Hellmuth, Antonius, Hansen, Norman Pace......

But I must say, I was rarely more looking forward to an interview than I was interviewing Moorman's Dad last night after his GUKPT win. I guess maybe there isn't much a poker player, no matter how big, can tell me I havent heard before from one of his peers but with Moorman's Dad it was really unique. He seemed a really nice bloke and he was totally honest, unlike a lot of poker players who win one thing and insist they are the new Phil Ivey, he told me he was really nervous, considered making the 4th blind level an achievement let alone winning the thing and doesn't particularly plan on playing much on the live circuit again. He also emphasised how having no expectation on him made him fearless, and that is what ultimately won it for him.

He also gave me an insight into what being the Father of a professional poker player is like and how he and his son sat down and planned out his poker career, made it an analytical structured thing, discussed bankroll management and such. I might be the first person to interview a poker player's dad and it reminds me of when I sat down with my Mother and she watched me play online, which (along with getting my name in print and my mug on TV) helped reassure a lot of concerns she understandably had with the game.

Maybe I should buy her into the Newcastle Event next month?

All in all, poker needs more stories like this. As awesome as the year of the pro was at last years WSOP (And the poker nerd in me wants another one this year), we have to remember stories like this, like Moneymaker, like Hal Lubarskey, like Brian 'WeeBrick' Clarke and all the other human interest stories are what keeps the poker economy growing.

The interview should be up on uk.pokernews.com by next Tuesday.


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