King of the Barry Carters.....almost

You ever googled yourself? I have loads of times and up until recently this blog didnt even make it into the top 20 searches, but now type 'Barry Carter' into a search engine and I am second, behind some rather unremarkable car parts website or something. I have also leapfrogged this guy, who was at the top for a long time:

So the plan is to get this blog to the top spot and keep it there. Its no fun being called Barry, one of the least sexy names one can imagine, so if I have to be called Barry Carter, lets make me the top dog.

I spoke to Jesse May today about his new poker radio show which looks fantastic. I am going on as a guest, probably this Sunday, and the guy is one of my heros, simply because he is as big a poker nerd as I am.

The dog fell in a pond today, he did not like that one bit and was screaming all the way home. Bang goes my plans of throwing sticks in the water to him then.

This made me laugh:


moDtheGod said...

You'll soon leapfrog Barry Carter Motor Products Ltd, I'm sure.

Great blog. We're already linking to you from The Scoop Troop, but I'm going solo with a horsie themed blog at hplay.blogspot.com - I'm linking to you there too, if you fancy returning the compliment...

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