Generic Running Bad Post - move along, nothing to read here

I always hate when people post about running bad, especially in blog format. Some people think running bad is losing several coinflips in a row, others refer to running bad to a period of time when they are actually playing shit. Thats why I dont like running bad posts.....

So here is mine.

Im running awful, wah wah waaaaah! Apart from a few horrendous SNG runs a year or so ago, I havent really had many extended streaks of bad luck, but its been a ten buy-in downswing for the last two days. Luckily I started the month well and had a great session on Monday, reducing my overall losses for the month. Usual stuff really, overpairs cracked, kings running into aces, sets running into flush draws etc.

The sick thing is, lost a grand today but think I played better than I ever have. Really pleased with how I played, even though I could make a case for throwing a few of my losing hands away. Thankfully hold'em manager has that Sklansky EV calculator which tells you your theorertical winnings for when you got your money in good. That has me £1400 up for the month, obviously this doesnt include all the cooler set vs flush, kk vs aa, aa vs set hands but its all Ive got at the mo to stop me launching my laptop out the window.

Off to the GBPT event in Nottingham tommorow, would be a great time for the luck to even out.


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