GBPT Nottingham

The one good thing about tilt is that you can shave a good ten minutes off your journey when the roads are clear. I did Nottingham to Sheffield in 30 minutes last night after another frustrating tournament exit. Once again I feel like lamenting my bad luck but that really will start sounding like a stuck record if I am not careful.

The GBPT Nottingham was actually a nice friendly little tournament. I was sat alongside a chap called Kev Smith for the majority of it and that was probably the highlight, as we had a good laugh, in particular at the standard play early on. Really felt like a 20 quid rebuy at times, x16 big blind raises pre flop followed up by 1/16 pot sized bet on the flop. Some guy also made called an allin on a AKJT flop with 44 which was a highlight.

I did really well, as usual, in the beginning. Played lots of small pots, got big hands paid and got away with plenty of well timed bluffs. Then, as usual, around the 200/400 level I get dealt nothing remotely playable, whenever I would it would be a raise and reraise before me or after.

The last 4 deep stack touraments Ive played (this one, GUKPT, DTD 321, Waterford) its been the same story. Build up a big stack early, run like god and then once the shovefest begins I get dealt nothing and ante myself to death. What I would give to get some action with an AK or even a TT once the blinds get big in one of these comps.

But, before I start sounding like a whiney little biatch, I probably do have to work on my patience, even though I wait for hours, you cant win it on day one so stop trying to. I also need to work on my end game strategy full stop, the reason I build these stacks early is surely my cash game skills, so maybe my 'bad luck' is just a lack of versitility.

Cash games for dough, tournaments for show. My passion at the moment really is online cash games, so I probably shouldnt beat myself up about it too much. With a bit of luck I can take my early big stack and do something with it in the non too distant future....but I guess that what most people who have just bust from a tournament say.


snoopy1239 said...

"The one good thing about tilt is that you can shave a good ten minutes off your journey when the roads are clear."


It's about getting cards at the key times. Just keep playing well and it'll change sooner or later.

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