Back on Track (Sort Of)

Hopefully the end of my moaning like a little girl about running bad, just had a very good week and I am now officially $7.80 up for the month. It really was the worst extended period of bad luck I've ever encountered and I am really happy with the decisions I made regardless of the result. I had aces cracked 14 times out of the last 24 over the two weeks (You have to be pretty shit to do that) and ran kings into aces 4 out of 10 times. My Sklanksy graph thingy has me about $3000 up, and of course it doesnt include any cooler hands like set over set, so lets make May a month of running according to basic maths.

As it goes, with rakeback (Sorry, loyalty bonus, its iPoker) and the fact Ive doubled my usual number of hands for the month it has actually been a profitable month. I doubt I'll meet my 30,000 hand challenge but Im not far off. I go on holiday next month so Im gonna try and grind as many hands between now and then and try and then forget about poker for 10 days.

What has really helped me through this period (And I think that getting aces cracked 14 times in two weeks and still being in a miniscule profit is a huge success) is that I have been getting coached. I cant share the details yet for a couple of reasons but it has changed the way I think about poker dramtically and has also been a way to vent my bad beat stories (Even though I am part of the 'nobody cares about bad beat stories' brigade and a real hypocrite for even mentioning them in conurrent posts).

Another big leak I have been working on is tilt. Until a few months ago, I never tilted but recently its been a real problem. I've been doing some basic hippy-esque stress reduction techniques (Deep breathing, relaxing music, lots of exercise, green tea) and I have almost took the tilt out of my game, even though obviously aces do not like me right now.

I'm off to the Norwegian Poker Championships in Nottingham next week and win/lose/draw I am not going to whine about building a big stack and getting no hands when the blinds get big.


nhggfu said...

Norwegian Poker Championships in Nottingham? Lolz wtf!

alexross on blonde

Anonymous said...

GL in the NPC at DTD on the FELT.

When you on the telly BTW? I have the show series linked but my daughter keeps deleting them when she tries to watch Horrid Henry and I'm hoping I havent missed it.

I once had aces cracked 7 times in a row, no word of a lie.

If the coaching's any good let me know i need all the help I can get.

Oh and thanks for the site link, much appreciated hope to see you around soon.


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