Low stakes grindin

Had an amazing and suprising few days this week. Last Friday I donked away a grand in about ten minutes at the cash tables and I punished myself for the next few days by studying my hand histories, to see what I did wrong.

I then decided to get back to playing well before getting back into things, so I decided to play more tables at lower stakes. I never really play more than two at a time so I went for four tables of 1/2. I dont know whether its because I have been missing out on multi-tabling or just a great run, but in about 3 days Ive won 4 grand at 1/2.

Its put me in a quandry, maybe Im actually better off playing lots of tables at low stakes? Right now my thoughts are 'if it ain broke dont fix it' and I'll see how long this run can go on for. I think I'll try and move up to four tables of 2/4 by the end of next week. I cant see myself managing 4 tables of 3/6 or 5/10 just yet, but who knows?

I know most folks play 16 tables at a time and can still do their tax return, but it was always something I struggled with until recently.


The Legend said...

Just stumbled upon your blog and read a few posts. Love the pros and cons analysis. There is no doubt poker can cause stress, weight gain and other negatives but all in all I have found it to be a very positive hobby. Not sure if I could handle full time though as sometimes I get sick of the game and don't to go near for a few weeks. I find it quite easy to profit at the 1/2 nl and 2.5/5 nl due to the fact that the players are much less likely to read bluffs and are much less agressive.

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