GUKPT Victoria

The GUKPT Vic was my first circuit event as a sponsored VC Poker player and it was a pretty dissapointing affair. After a cracking first couple of hours it just developed into a very bad day at the office. It wasnt the cards, though they could have been better, it wasnt my play, although it could have been better, it wasnt my luck, although it could have been better etc etc.

It was just one of those days that simply didn't go well, Im sure a better player could have done more in my place, I'm also pretty certain alot of good players would have done a lot worse. I went out at the end of day 1b when I shoved my shortstack into a another shortstack with a ragged ace-five. I had about 10 big blinds, he had about 12:

Him: Thats a big old bet
Me: Not really, its the only bet I have left
Him: Well, no, not really (Pauses for a long time)do you want a call?
Me: Nope
Him: I suppose you have to gamble (pauses for a long time and eventually calls)

I knew full well I had a three outer, either with an ace-jack type hand or a small pocket pair. So I was very suprised when he turned over Jacks. It amazes me, first of all, that some players who can afford a £1000 buy-in event seem to have no comprehension of the 10 big blinds rule for short stacks. I've played big tournaments before where, well into the ante stages, players have expressed disbelief when a player shoves all in with seven big blinds. What the hell do people want short stacks to do? Limp and fold?

The other thing that amazed me was how this wasnt an instant call. I certainly dont think the guy was slowrolling me, but when you have a short stack yourself pocket jacks looks heaven on a hole card. This guy was also in danger of blinding away and my range was so huge that most players would have assumed Jacks crushed me. I think its an insta call by 99% of the people who would play a GUKPT event. Maybe I'm fixating on the wrong thing, I was always going out, just amazed he put me through a song and dance.

Straight after busting I bumped into Mazhar Nawab, who somehow managed to turn my "I've just this minute bust out" to his "I came third in the Broadway Festival". I certainly don't mind hearing it, I've been tipping him for big things ever since I got friendly with him at the Irish Open last year, I just think its funny how, whatever way possible, poker players will stop at nothing to tell you bad beat or brag stories.

I did play against Teddy Sheringham, which was cool. It was very nice to see him take a bad beat badly, not because I wish him any harm but because it proved to me he is a true poker player, not a celebrity trying to find a new home.

Tommorow there is a mini festival at my local casino and the quarterly Naps festival next week which I will be playing in both, but my next stop on the UK tour for VC Poker will likely be at the GBPT in Nottingham next month.


Anonymous said...

"It amazes me, first of all, that some players who can afford a £1000 buy-in event seem to have no comprehension of the 10 big blinds rule for short stacks."

This is a very good observation, A big name UK circuit player once riverd a three outer against me with us both as table big stacks and I only barely coverd.

The next hand I had 1/3 of my chips in the pot on the BB and he raies me with 3-2 when there was no hand in the world im passing.

He makes a snappy comment about a nice call when my J-2 holds. Two hand's later his the BB and I shove blind from the button and he ummms and arr's and then show me he passed an ace! I mean FFS.

The next hand, I'm still less than 7 BB so I shove again from the cut off and get called by the BB with A-7. I have 9-2 and get eliminated, on my way from the table Mr Pro says "you do know where not playing black jack"

I though to myslef, how can you have no comprehension of my red zone play and still have your profile and reputation, amazing.

Good Luck with the VC Deal Barry.

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