April High Volume Sort of Challenge

As detailed in my previous post, playing lots of tables is not normal for me, but it seems to be having a positive impact on my playing. So for April I'm setting myself a high volume challenge.

First of all, I'm going for 30,000 hands in one month. I usually play around 10,000 but my earn rate is good and it makes sense for me to play more tables. Im on 5 PT BB/100 over my last 40,000 hands (when I got my new PC) and if I can continue to run like that over 30,000 I will do very well. I make quite a bit in rakeback and reload bonuses too so this can only improve that further.

I am also going to set a forum post challenge too. If I have one gripe about myself is that I dont get involved enough on the blonde forum, particularly the hand analysis. So I plan to get my current post count to 500 (from 387) on Blonde and to 50 (from 0) on 2+2. The more involved I am in poker the more I tend to get out of it, which is the reason for the little challenge.

Carpel Tunnel here we come.


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