SNG Update - SNGs Suck

If you look at my sharkscope for my little SNG challenge you'll see the words 'hot' next to my form. Oh I wish it was as simple as that. SNGs are such a cruel form of poker and at times they almost seem to reward stupidity. I went on a torrid little run where people were making bubble calls all in with hands like Q6,K3,KJ,A2 etc etc. Because you often get your money in with 2 or 5 cards to come the poker gods can often laugh at you to the point where you are calling for that miracle gutshot card that will bust you, just as it does on the river.

That said I'm $1800 up as I write from what has only been a week long experiment, which I was only doing as a break from a great run at the cash and MTT tables, so I'll take it. The iPoker SNGs are incredibly weak, its amazing how bad some of these players are at the $100-200 level. One of the guys that has continually bubbled me with hands like Q6 is $30,000 down after less than 1000 games, so I guess he deserved a suckout or two.

I've played a few against WSOP bracelet winner and main event finalist Alexander Kravchenko. He is a bit of a Jeckyll and Hyde in these games, he absoutley dominates the game right up until the bubble, to the point where I simply wont play a hand against him if it doesnt contain at least two aces preflop, but seems to completely shut down on the bubble and beyond. He actually plays a little scared on the bubble, even with a chip lead, and is suprisingly easy to play against heads up. I'd guess that he perhaps isn't greatly well read on SNG bubble play, but he is such a fantastic all rounder that its hard to believe. Maybe its his girlfriend playing on his account or something?

Anyhoo, not exactly a massive sample but I think I'll be going back to cash and MTTs at the end of the month, if for no other reason than I make a steadier profit in these. Yesterday I final tabled the $109 stars comp that I won the previous week so I think my efforts are better spent elsewhere. I certainly still will dabble at the SNGs as they are so soft, but mainly for fun I reckon.


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