iPoker SNGs

Been on some form of late, had a very good couple of weeks at the cash tables followed by a $109 MTT win on Pokerstars. After a tournament win I find it hard to concentrate on cash straight away so I decided to have a go at some of the 6 max sngs on iPoker. Last year I was in the Sharkscope Top 5 for 6 handed SNGs over $100 but I gave them the boot because the players on Pokerstars were a little bit too good at the higher stakes and I was sick of the variance. But these iPoker SNGs are a joke, some of the stuff I have seen in the $100-215 SNGs would be laughed at in a 20 buck SNG on Stars - everyone is limping with 3 big blinds and folding to reraises, people call all-ins with JQ, nobody seems to understand pot odds and the word bubble is oblivious to a lot of these guys.

So I'm going to stick with them for the rest of the month, I know a player who is pulling in around $8000 a month at the moment just playing the $109s and $215, albeit this is based on a small sample size. I think I'll be playing mainly the $215s, and the $109s, but the $500 fill up now and then so will give them a shot too. User name is BigSmoochy on iPoker (dont bother looking it up on Sharkscope yet, think I've played about 12 games so far), stay tuned to see if I remember why I gave up SNGs in the first place.


snoopy1239 said...

Good luck in the SNGs, although if our paths cross, I won't hesitate to take you down. :-)

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