Mental Game of Poker Excerpt - Inch Worm

One of the most popular concepts from The Mental Game of Poker is something Jared devised called 'Inch Worm'. I must say, this helped my game and understanding of how learning works massively too, and I have managed to apply it to so many other things in life.

So here is the excerpt, not sure if it necessarily will be as revealing on its own without all the other material alongside it, but hopefully it will help.

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Jeff M. said...

One of my favorite concepts from the book Barry. I have seen this in Poker and Billiards as a player and Volleyball as a coach. A lot of players get frustrated because they "have learned all these new things" yet do not show any results. You and Jared provide a really good explanation on why a focus on Fundamentals is important.


Vaporizer said...

Mental game may be more important in poker than any other form of competition. This is a unique game, where you can play to perfection.

Jeff M. said...

Vaporizer, you can play poker to perfection?

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