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Wow, been a few weeks since a blog update. I hate these ‘quick round up of the last two weeks’ type blog posts, so let’s just get it out of the way.

Book is starting to go very well indeed, we just celebrated a big sales milestone this morning (I’m too coy to say what it is) and general interest, positive discussions on forums, and positive reviews, are all on the up and up. I’m actually yet to see a bad review if I am honest, I am sure it will happen, so I’m not getting too cocky, but it’s nice to know with a degree of certainty that we have produced a quality product.

I was aways going with this picture.
Jennifer Tilly bought a copy, which we were both pretty excited about. It’s not every day a bracelet winner, Oscar winner, and most importantly regular on Family Guy, buys your book. Jared missed out on seeing her buy the book at the Rio so he went looking for her to sign it. It made me wonder whether the owners of the book store might have just been playing a little joke on him to watch him wander round the WSOP with a pen in his hand asking if anyone had seen Jennifer Tilly.

I also have it on good authority that Brian Townsend has a copy, and he had ‘heard good things about it’ prior to getting it.

The book is also now available on amazon.co.uk (and correct me if I am wrong, but that should make it available to anyone else in the EU on their respective amazon sites).

Anyway, I haven’t been blogging so much because I have been busy with a project at PokerNews that is nearing completion. Nothing exciting, well it is kinda exciting, but not a ‘watch this space for big news exciting’, just quite interesting, kind of.

Oh well, the blog is now up to date, got an actual interesting one on its way about Hellmuth in the not too distant future. 


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Just as I expected.

I am not a poker player but work for a NY publisher who has been interested in Mr Tendler for a while.

Strange he would decide to partner with someone as crude as yourself.

I do see that the UK publish a 50+ magazine. Do you write that also?

Barry Carter said...

You are the one being crude there sparky.

I removed the original comment as it was a reference from a British TV show, not my actual thoughts, which in hindsight would not make sense out of the UK. I removed your comment simply because it therefore made no sense now that it was out of context.

Feel free to troll my blog anonymously.

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