Not very interesting update as its been a few weeks

Very busy last week or two, regrettably much of which I cant discuss right now. That makes it sound like something massive is on the horizon - its not, simply a few things here and there I havent been greenlighted to discuss yet.

We had a major roadblock with the book, which I probably cant discuss yet, but thankfully it wasn't our fault and its now sorted. We have started the promotional campaign though, which includes some brilliant regular segments on the Cash Plays podcast which I urge people to check out.

I've also been getting Jared in touch with a few of my 'bloggy' mates for an insight into his work. A great piece here by Matthew 'YorkyPuds' Pitt and another with James Atkin. In particular I will be paying attention to James' blog, as he is going in for SuperNova Elite this year and Jared has already coached about 7 players to SNE.

In other news, I am off to that there London for a guest spot on Sky Poker this coming Thursday with my old mucker Tikay. Its been a very long time since I have been on live TV and the last one didn't go very well at all.


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