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Long time no post. Been so busy of late, hence the blog no show, but plenty of news. I moved house recently and that was a pain, but as painless as moving can get I suppose. The new place is much nicer, much cosier and has a great big garden for the dog we are getting. The big news though, from our point of view, is we finally have a dog. I'm good friends with a family that have a farm locally and their Labrador has had a little of puppies and we couldn't help but take one of the little tykes off their hands, a cute little black puppy with the working name of Toby (I wanted to call him Optimus Prime but I got blackballed on that one). We now have to wait until the end of the month before we can pick him up, which is really frustrating because we have been waiting for 2 years effectively to get a dog (My girlfriend has been waiting 25 years, she has always wanted a dog).

I feel a bit bad, because we have been round a few rescue centres, but I have already decided to sponsor a few rescue dogs to appease my guilt. I just couldn't deny my girlfriend the experience of a puppy and the family it comes from are good friends, it just made sense for us.

I'm working my ass off for Pokernews at the moment, I seem to interview two players a day at the moment. I interviewed the Devilfish, Roy Brindley, Sunny Chattha, Kevin O'Leary and (by stark contrast but lots of fun) Norman Pace. In particular I enjoyed the Brindley interview, largely because his book is amazing but also because he gave a really good interview and was a really nice guy.

I also have helped set up two very good value freeroll into the Sky Poker UK Tour Grand Final for Sky Poker and Pokernews. The SPUKT main event is £220 at Dusk Till Dawn and is a very good value, £25k guaranteed event and the Pokernews freerolls will likely have a very small player pool in them. My mate Nick Wright played in a Pokernews freeroll and there was only 5 players in it, and he won a trip to the Pokernews Cup in Australia for next to nothing. You only have to rake about £10 to be eligible and Sky Poker is a very very very soft site. Yes this is pure spam, but I get nothing for it but I really want it to be a success because its the first time I have tried to set up a promotion for Pokernews, I think this happens to be a pretty good one.

You have to set up a new account via the links above, if anyone has any questions drop me a line.


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Nice Bow Wow, how's the book coming along?

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