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Wow, another long time no post. Lots of stuff going on, not had the time to write about them I guess.

Playing - finally started playing again online and its gone pretty well, still not putting in massive volume but had a pretty big winning month. Last played about 5 days ago when had a really bad session and ended it ban running aces into sets on consecutive tables. Figured that was a good time to have a break because I have really ran like god all month and wanted to end it on a high.

Killarney - I had to have a break from online play because I went to Killarney for a few days with Ladbrokes for a media shindig ahead of a very good looking festival later on this year. It was good fun, a free bar and some free poker tournaments which I managed to balls up as usual. I also had the pleasure of meeting Snooker bloke Ken Doherty (who called me a cunt, in jest, I hope, when I suggested snooker could be a part of a great new tournament I had in mind called King of Pubs which would be a pub Olympics event with darts, pool, snooker, billiards, poker, arm wrestling and ending in a drinking competition.) and that bloke from Boyzone (Not Ronan, Not the Gay One, Not the Ugly One and Not the One in Coronation Street) who was also there.

Charlie - This is the big news, we finally picked up our Mutt after weeks of waiting. I got stuck at Cork airport for a few extra hours which added to the stress of waiting. He is a lovely little fella, he started off very timid and looked depressed but he really perked up on Saturday and now he is very playful and still very placid. He is also very clever, he seems to have picked up toilet training quite quickly and generally is learning fast.

The little chuff is keeping us up at night though, but we did have a good kip last night. Unfortunately as soon as he arrived, our sodding boiler broker and wont be fixed for a few days, so we have to go round my folks for showers (Which they love, because we bring the pooch) but its making everything much harder. Right now I don't have much time to do anything as its all still very hectic, but he is a lovely little scamp and I will post much more about him when I get 2 minutes to myself.


Anonymous said...

Barry, get yourself and old fashioned alarm clock ie one that ticks and put it under a pillow or whatever you have in the mutt's bed to mimic it's mother's heart beat.

Doubling this with a haot water bottle so it is also warm works a treat too.

Barry Carter said...

Good shout mate, we already put a hot water bottle in there but loving the clock idea. He is getting better every day as far as the sleeping through the night thing is concerned.

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