European Deepstack Poker Championships


In years of poker I have only ever really entered a satelitte about 5 times, and never had any success at all. However last night I entered a satelitte for the European Deepstack Championships on Winamax and came 1st, so an all expenses trip to Dublin it is for me. So glad too, because its one of three events I really want to play next year (That and the WSOP main event, obv, and the Irish Open)and its always a good laugh.

Its funny, Ive played much bigger events and been lucky enough to have been sponsored into much bigger, but for some reason winning my seat is all that more satisfactory. Maybe because Im going to get about a grand in travel expenses for what will essentially be a £400 round trip to Dublin.

Anyway, minor brag over.


jun_fan_lee said...

Nice one mate.

Alex Martin said...

must be nice to be you :)

n1 barry

Amatay said...

n1 bazza

Anonymous said...

Well done Sir, sorry about the whole site thing. I feel quite ill then felt to embarrassed cos I left it so long. My apologies and good luck.

Barry Carter said...

Id given up on that ages ago Kev, got bored with it lol, dont apologise mate.

Anonymous said...

Nice one, felt like I'd let you down Sir.

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