DTD £300 Deepstack

Whenever I play live these days, I always jinx myself by having a really good session playing online cash just before I leave the house, and this was no different. The £300er at DTD was lots of fun though and I had a nice soft table to begin with for most of day 1. No complaints about how I never got a big stack for 2 days because I ran pretty well but picked the wrong street to start bluffing every time I did that, really mis timed the rare occassions I was trying to nick pots and the more I think of it, there is no real reason to do anything than value bet when the structure is as good as it was. I was even able to fold pocket queens very easily with just under 30 big blinds to someone with the worlds most polarised hand range without worrying about getting too short.

I stopped in a travel lodge near by because of the early start to day 2, which was awful. First off I forgot my toothpaste and travel lodges are so shit they dont have any to buy or give away, so ended up cleaning my teeth with soap. Then I had a rotten nights sleep and woke up to find I actually didnt have a shower, just a hole in the wall where the shower heads should be. I couldnt really complain, because there was nobody there to complain to, the cleaning lady said the reception staff didnt start till 3. Eventually she let me into a disused room with a proper shower, which saved them one of my overwritten complaint letters.

Day 2 lasted exactly one hand for me. I had about 15k with blinds at 600/1200 and an ante of 100. A taggy player I had heard moan about being card day on day 1 raised to 2800, called by a laggy player who has been running like god and I find 78 of diamonds. Excellent spot for a squeeze in my opinion, I had enough to make them fold a lot of crap and the right hand if I get caught out by a monster. The original raiser postures for ages, asks me if I had AJ (meaning he has AT or AQ) and folds. In hindsight I wish I had made more of this, because it didnt stop mr running like god to insta call me with A2, which he hit aces up with right away. Not the best call from him, but being as I mentioned he had been running like god, I cant exactly be suprised when he calls me. He was a nice bloke so who cares.

But was all good fun, as DTD usually is. I got interviwed by Poker Tour Radio who launched last week and showing some real signs of potential. We are going to have a little crack at making the pilot of the Pokernews podcast this week to see just how out of depth we really are.


Mark said...

I was even able to fold pocket queens very easily with just under 30 big blinds to someone with the worlds most polarised hand range without worrying about getting too short.

Out of interest, what was his range?

Barry Carter said...

Yeah didn't explain that so well.

Basically this chap had been limp-calling all day, he even just flatted the river with a strong full house.

However, the only hand I had seen him raise preflop had been aces. He put the same size raise in this time round and I reraised him and he shoved, insta shoved for that matter.

So I put him on AA, KK or AK, so im crushed or flipping.

He did the 'pick one card and I'll show it' thing, which also made me happy with my read. I picked one and he flipped a king over, so I think most of the time he has KK, or if not then deffo AK.

Mark said...

Thanks for the explanation. It was actually me in that hand! I ended up coming 2nd in this tournament. Maybe limp-calling is the way forward ;-)

By the way KJ suited....

jun_fan_lee said...

Good job you didn't call him a limp-calling donk there mate. Lol. KJs I highly doubt btw :)

Barry Carter said...

Lol, I did wonder who 'Mark' was.

I still don't believe it though (or at least, don't want to)

goooooood girl said...

i like your blog......

sturutter said...

Hey Barry,

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Barry Carter said...


Anonymous said...

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas from StackTown

Have a great holiday season

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