They say bad luck comes in threes

This is in no way a bad beat post. I could make a case for how I could have gotten away from what has just happened to me with ease (as well as making a convincing case as to why I was really unlucky) - however this post is purely to document one of the single most crushing feelings I've experienced as a player. Its probably a mistake to be writing about it now as it happened about 12 minutes ago and I'm still reeling.

I'd just had one of the best weeks (and best months) of my playing career. After the Omaha win on Stars I have had a fantastic run at the NLHE tables on Party and Tilt and this week I can honestly say I crushed pretty much every game I played. So I've been sat around this weekend toying with what to do with all this extra wonga.

With a few hours to spare before din dins, I loaded up Full Tilt as my girlfriend was taking down the Xmas decorations (Now I am really wishing she had asked me to help instead of beng so bloody considerate). I started three tabling the six max $2/4tables and suffered three bad beats literally at the same time:

Table 1: I flop three tens (T9 in my hand) and mateboy hits a four (44) on the turn to give him fours full after 2/3 of the money had already gone in.
Table 2: Pocket Kings loses to pocket sevens which become quads
Table 3: I flop a set of fours against a nut flush draw, which in fact hits runner runner to make a straight.

As I said above, I actually think I played two of the three hands less than perfectly (Table 3 was a sicko though) and in fairness I'd had no bad luck at all in the past week or two, so this was certainly due and in individual cases I would have shurgged my shoulders and just reloaded.

But for all three to happen at exactly the same time on each of my three tables was probably the sickest thing I've experienced. £700 lost in quick succession, which is very small compared to the amount of money I've won this week and much smaller than the biggest single pots I have lost in my life. I've still had one of the best weeks of my life even after this, yet I still feel like I've been punched in the stomach by my mother in a house of worship.

Normally also I have a great ability to hide my tilt in company, but right now the missus is hiding all the sharp objects in the house.


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