RIP Oscar: 1998-2008

Its a very sad day today as the Carter family dog, Oscar, had to be put down today after a serious stomach problem. He would have been ten this year and he really was the friendliest dog in the world. We got him when he was 6 weeks old, which is not normally allowed because he hadn't properly 'imprinted' with his mother - this is probably what made him such a great dog because I always thought he thought he was a person, which would explain why so friendly and obediant he was with every human he came into contact with.

Best dog ever, we named him Oscar after the boxer Oscar De La Hoya, who had beaten the shit out of Julio Cesar Chavez the night before we got him.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about your dog fella.

Mick McCool said...

Sorry to hear about your dog, Oscar, l love dogs more than anything buddy and having lost a dear old 16 yr old lately it broke my heart. If you ae interested in a retired racing greyhound, let me know. It heals the scars quickly.


snoopy1239 said...

Man, sorry Barry, I was devastated when I lost mine. Looks like a cool dog too.


Anonymous said...

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