Jesse May Appreciation Society

I think I am jumping on the bandwagon quick enough here to make it look like I am not jumping on the bandwagon.

Whenever I am asked who do I most admire in poker, I rarely say any notable players. I usually say people like Jesse May, because as a journalist/pundit myself, I kind of aspire to what he does more than some hot shot player with a million dollar poker roll. Jesse is one of my favourite pundits, because he is so knowledgable and passionate about the game. He is like a walking Hendon Mob database with a cool accent to boot. 

So I was delighted to see he is blogging for the Poker Farm this year. A bit surprised to see him linked with those guys, just because I see them as a bunch of young twenty something ballas and Jesse seems a bit of an odd fit there (A bit like when you go on a Stag do and somebodies Dad comes along). But he is blogging and presenting for them, and doing a great job.

In particular, the blogging. I always find it strange that the Americans don’t seem to like Jesse as much as we Europeans do as a commentator; there must be something about him that is uniquely Euro despite his accent (understanding irony and sarcasm might be a starting point). I think he is probably the best commentator out there, and I think now, once he is writing again, the Americans are reminded about why he truly is the voice of poker.

Actually, just like Kara Scott, I consider Jesse May British anyway.

Bookmark his blog, it is brilliant. He has a few short lived blogs on other sites and I truly hope he keeps this one up, at least for the series. In one of his blogs about the Full Tilt response to the Ivey situation he said ‘that statement was written from a bunker’ which for me is the quote of the WSOP so far.

I’d also love for him to start a twitter account, but something cynical inside me thinks he currently doesn’t really ‘get’ twitter yet. The one thing I am certain of is that twitter is ready for him, and will be waiting with open arms for him if he ever decides to. Jesse knows everything about this industry, and I know whatever links he would be tweeting, I would be insta retweeting. But maybe 140 characters is nowhere near enough.

He also did a great podcast about The Mental Game of Poker. 

I started a hashtag #getjesseontwitter in a weak attempt to start a movement and now the bossman, Tony G, has retweeted it, so you heard it here first if it takes off. 


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