PokerStars Home Games Vs Full Tilt Multi Entry Tournaments

It’s been a pretty big week for the landscape of online poker in my opinion, with both Stars and Tilt bringing out innovative new concepts, both of which we have pushed this week on PokerNews.

Full Tilt have brought out multi entry tournaments, where you can buy-in 4 times simultaneously to one tournament and effectively multi table it, ala some of the biggest cheating scandals in online poker. It’s all above board though, and when you get deep your players merge. It gives you a bigger shot at winning but a reduced ROI. It’s not a bad idea, they are doing it with a lot of their big tournaments and it will no doubt boost the prize pools no end.

Stars on the other hand have brought out Home Games. As the name suggests you can set up your own private clubs to play online cash games and tournaments, with an array of games and leader board standings. I set a tester one up last night  and although it was just standard NL cash like any other, it was fun. Being in a club seemed to make it much more sociable. I actually think long term there could be some really juicy, speakeasy type games going, invite only and all that.  

So which one is better? There’s only one way to find out…..

Not really, Stars come out of this the winner by miles in my opinion. The difference is the multi entry tournaments really only appeals to the high stakes pros and serious players, whereas Home Games is all about fun, which is the lifeblood of the recreational player. With so many 24 tabling short stacker regs these days we need a fun injection at the tables, and no doubt these nickel and dime recreational players will dip their toes in the big boys real money tables soon enough, so everyone’s a winner . Well done stars (In fairness they are both good ideas)

And well done me and Jared, we are about a day away from completing the book, more on that later. 


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