Big Week Ahead At The Big Game

I have my biggest week of the year so far, job wise, starting tomorrow. I don't believe in fate or destiny or any of that sort of stuff, but as coinkidinks go this was impressive. Pokernews have a big involvement with the 48 Hour PartyPoker Big Game in London this week and I am going down to be the man on the floor this week. We are sponsoring a portion of the event and I will be there trying to get a few scoops (Big one obviously being Isildur1 and if he shows).

I mentioned in the last post that I think this event will be a big landmark in the TV poker legacy and I mean it, so I am very excited to be part of it and uber excited that Pokernews branding will be all over it when it comes on Channel 5 later on this year. Its kept me busy and the one downer is that its a week I wont be working on my book with Jared Tendler.

However, by sheer coincidence, his most well known client Dusty Schmidt is coming over for the event and Jared is coming with him. Ok it isnt coincidence that much, I put Jared in touch with Jesse May who in turn put Dusty in contact with him, but its still very odd. Despite being very good friends for 8 months and having grinded a book out with him for the last 4, I have never met Jared in person until tomorrow.

The internet is a weird thing, I have several friends via poker that I would vouch for, lend money to etc whom I have never (or rarely) met in person. Things like skype, facebook and MSN allow us to skip the whole chore of actually going somewhere to see someone in real life. I'm really looking forward to it though, hopefully the start of many real life meetings.

I swear to god I could be a poker agent. In the one week Jared and Dusty are here I have arranged them two magazine interviews, two TV interviews and Jared is a guest speaker at the Bluff Europe Academy. I remember Julian Thew said to me recently "why do I need an agent if I know the person to speak to?" and he was on to something, as for the most part it was just a case of ringing and emailing people I know. Probably shouldnt under sell it like that, just in case anyone wants to pay me to do it in the future.

So I really hope I can either be the first person to report a sighting of or announce the identity of Isildur1. Its TV pokers first cliffhanger and its not only a step in the direction of Darts, its a step towards the WWE - no complaints here because I am afraid Wrestling is a guilty pleasure of mine. We will be doing semi-live-twitter-esque updates on Pokernews HERE as well as interviews and reports at pokernews.com from Sunday.

But tonight I am off to see Sean Lock with the missus, he is my current favourite comedian and after the disappointment that was Eddie Izzard, I need to have my faith in stand up comedy restored.


JJ said...

Good luck getting the big scoop this weekend - look forward to hearing about it when you return.

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