Facebook and Mistaken Identity

I have no idea why but Facebook have removed the UK Pokernews Fan Page, just before we hit 1000 members. I really liked that little page and I cannot see why they removed it, I have checked out Facebooks T&Cs and they actually encourage commercial pages like that and the only things they remove stuff for usually are personal attacks on individuals. The irony is I was actually about to purchase a little bit of their advertising package from them, which would surely have halted any plans to remove the page. I guess I am going to have to start it from scratch again, sigh.

A weird week in UK Poker. Two cases of mistaken identity, we had a Willie Tann impersonator on Facebook which gave everyone a bit of a chuckle, and a much more dumbfounding case of someone making false claims about FTOPS winner Jack Ellwood. I for one would have been livid and a bit nervous if someone had made the same claims about me and I interviewed Jack himself to get his views. I have read the 2+2 thread in its entirety and the OP is a Grade A bullshitter, so I am in the 'its someone trying to ladder on the payouts' school of thought on that one. 

One thing I have found lately, and I discussed this with a poker chum yesterday, is even though I am very lucky to have interviewed some of the biggest names and my biggest heroes in poker, the best interviews for me have always been the lesser known guys and the underdogs. This week we interviewed Alan Lake, the guy that turned 500 FPPs into $140k in the Sunday Warm Up, much more refreshing an interview than usual blah blah bracelet blah. Its up there with Moormans Dad for the great poker stories you don't always hear about.

On the book front and its busy busy busy. Jared was unveiled as a new Performance Coach at DragtheBar this week and he has an exclusive series about how to get through the ultra marathon that is Supernova Elite on Pokerstars. Outside of my usual journalism work, I have been massively immersed in the psychology and poker performance content that he has developed and its starting to have a profound benefit, both on my overall poker game and my general approach to work. In a real life imitating art kind of moment, we have recently been working on the motivational issues section of the book and as a direct result, I have really learnt how to boost my motivation and I am finding I can work more productively for much longer. Hopefully we will add a 'how to be a right lucky sod and bink a big tournament' section somewhere along the line.


Anonymous said...

I think, but am not entirely sure, you need to get a certain number of members who sign up as a fan or whatever to vouch for you and the contect there.

A friend of mine set one up for Betfair and I distinctly remember seeing an option to vouch for the owner of it

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