Poker Awards, G Casino and Teaching My Momma Poker

Probably should have updated this weeks ago but sometimes when your job involves your writing thousands of words a month you can’t be bothered, but here goes:

Teaching My Momma Poker
My mother, who reads this blog (hi mumsy), has all of sudden (about 6 years after I did) took an interest in playing poker. Only the play money tables right now but I have been giving here some pointers. We have begun on the play money SNGs rather than the cash tables, because at least there is a smidgen of a chance of people folding in those things. It’s been quite fun, kind of reminded me of what it was like to start off in online poker and also reminded me of some of the important fundamentals of the game. She has a habit off getting very good very quick at new hobbies, so watch my joy and insanse jealousy when she starts winning more than I do (Which should probably take her about 7 weeks at the moment).

Sheffield G Casino
A few people asked me about updating when I know more about this so here it is. The new G Casino opens on December 9th at Queens Road (Which is awesome news for me as its about a mile and a half away). The venue looks pretty impressive and it will have a 100 seater poker room – thank god, no offence Napoleons but Sheffield really needs a good poker venue and we might just have it now. There is also a very good chance that a GUKPT Summer Series will take place there and this for me will be a clear the schedule festival, can’t wait. I am taking the missus to the VIP Launch Party next month (Not very thinly veiled brag there) to see what its all about.

After years of being a low volume nit, I have finally stepped into the magical world of cascading tables online. I have gone from struggling with six tables to being pretty comfortable with twelves almost overnight. Not bragging or anything as most of my peers probably have been doing it for ages, that would be a bit like bragging about being on facebook in 2009, but there you go, rakeback FTW.

European Poker Awards
Quite exciting news (for me) now. Earlier this year I approached the organisers of the annual European Poker Awards and suggested a new category – Online Player of the Year. Most of their awards were heavily (almost exclusively in fact) weighted towards live tournament poker, which obviously is not the be all and end all of poker, and with online play in fact perhaps being the bread and butter of the poker industry now, I think it needs to be included in the awards. I put together a pretty detailed brief of how easy it would be to pick out the big online successes (OPR, Sharkscope, HighstakesDB, 2+2, P5s etc etc) of the year.

Not only did they go for it and online player of the year will now be part of the awards, they have asked me to be on the panel of judges. Which means an all expenses paid trip to Paris in February to attend the event (Only bugger is it clashes with the first UKIPT event in Manchester but this is way to big an honour to even worry about a big tournament I would most likely bust out of on day 1 in anyway.). Obviously I would prefer to be one of the guys winning a gong but this is the next best thing. It falls on Valentines weekend too, so I am taking the missus to Paris on Valentines day – couldn’t have worked out better really.


snoopy1239 said...

Yo, Bazza. What do I have to do to get a Black Belt Poker link on here? :) Happy to add PokerNews or your blog to blackbeltpoker.blogspot.com. Drop us a comment on the blog if you're interested. Hope to see you soon, and don't work too hard! Ah, you do that already. :-0

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Anonymous said...

Any chance you can swing online player of the year for me? I’d happily chop any benefits and after all I’ve won numerous $10 Sit and Go’s this year.

Good job your blog’s nice and clean, could you imagine Amatay’s mum reading his blog, the disappointment would surely be to much for any mother to take.

Anonymous said...

Must be nice to run good at life Mr Carter!

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