Man Flu

Its typical, just as I get a bit of a run going at the tables I get the dreaded man flu.

It sucks being ill when you dont have a normal job. No matter how ill I was at my old work, I always felt a small feeling of victory that I wasnt at work. Sure I would spend most of the day hovering over a toilet, but I also got to watch Jeremy Kyle when the other mugs were slaving away.

But Ive been ropey for a few days now and its really hard to quantify what, if anything, I have lost from being inactive. I could have got some really good writing down and won a fortune at the tables, or I could have done sod all and blown half my roll in one session. Its hard to say and its boring being ill when you are your own boss.

I dont know why, but I think this is the funniest thing Ive seen in ages:


Tinca Tinca said...

Barry get yourself some good Scotch or Benadictine, (or any other good back of the throat spirit) a friend, and sit down with News 24 on - every time they mention credit crunch you drink, every time the mention banking crisis your friend drinks - by the time you come round flu will be long gone and you can get back to work :)

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