Finally over the jetlag

My weak hopes of winning the Pokernews Cup points race were scuppered when, like most leaderboard type gigs, the overall winner is the guy that wins the main event and thats that. I really wish I had booked my trip for just another day so I could have played in the last side event, ah well.

The next thing on the poker calendar is the Blondepoker Waterford Open. Like the Green Joker Festival, its a crazy irish deep stack affordable event which should be as much fun to lose as it is to win (not really). It clashes with the GUKPT Blackpool event, which I am now starting to wish I'd have played, but Irish poker is way too good to pass up.

After which, I have just had my offical invitation to the opening night tournament for Dusk Till Dawn, which I've been looking forward to for oh....2 years. Its a stones throw away from a pizza place called Tipoo which I frequented as a student when I lived in Nottingham, so will have something to look forward to when I bust out.


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